Friday, March 5, 2010

Dance Music Acapellas (part 31)

Time to get back on track after all the stem packs and artist collections that have been posted.There is more to come over time,but for now its the turn of the Dance Music Acapellas series to get a little update.Enjoy:

Tracklisting includes:

1,Brooke Hogan ft Paul Wall - About Us - (acapella)
2,Daft Punk - Around The World (Acapella)
3,David Guetta - Love Dont Let Me Go (Accapella)
4,delirium - the silence (acapella)
5,Doneao - Raving (acapella)
6,Eminem - We Made You (Acapella)
7,Fatman Scoop - Jump Spread Out (Acapellaz)
8,Fatman Scoop - Party Anthem (Acapellaz)
9,Fatman Scoop - Rare Tool (DIY - Acapellaz)
10,julie mcknight - home (acapella)
11,Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Acapella)
12,Mind Electric - Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Acapella) (v.nice!)
13,Princess Superstar - Perfect (full)
14,public enemy-bring the noise (Accapella)
15,Taylor Swift - Love Story (Filtered Acapella HQ) & (toMOOSE Filterpella)
16,velvet-- my destiny (acapella)

Dance Music Acapellas (part 31)

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