Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Order - Blue Monday (VHQ Multitrack Stems)(44-16-WAVS)

V.I.P Club Only !!

I could wax lyrical about what this track is,what it did,when, & how many 12" copies it sold blah blah blah,but I wont.Anybody with ears should already be aware of this track,so I shall say no more.Other than to list what parts are in this pack:

Stems are:

1,Bass - 10B - 130.58
2,Cymbals-Other Drums - 8A - 130.57
3,Guitar - 10B - 130.61
4,Kick Drum - 8A - 130.58
5,Snare Drum - 4A - 130.58
6,Synths 1 Main Riff - 7A - 130.94
7,Synths 2 - 8A - 122.5
8,Vocals - 8B - 115.2

Included in the pack is the VHQ instrumental.Tempo 130.590 BPM.

Please make this a separate single pass request.

Site link:

New Order - Blue Monday (VHQ Multitrack Stems)(44-16-WAVS)

[NOTE] This file is for the site`s V.I.P Members only.Donate 10 pounds cash sterling and join the Acapellas4All V.I.P Club,and this and everything else on the V.I.P Page will then be available to download as well. :-)

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