Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (VHQ Multitrack Stems 44k-16bit)

V.I.P Club Only !!

Just another Fleetwood Mac multitrack for you here to start the day off.
Incredible amount of acapellas & stems to get online this month so do make sure to keep checking back. Loads more exclusive "Gold Dust" like this coming soon ;-)

Stems are:

1,Backing Guitar - 10B - 123.73
2,Bass - 10B - 123.38
3,Cymbals-Toms - 5A - 123.47
4,Keyboards-Effects - 10B - 123.5
5,Kick Drum - 7A - 124.06
6,Lead Guitar - 10B - 123.85
7,Snare (Cowbell) - 5A - 123.55
8,Vocals - 10B - 127.91

We also mixed down an instrumental which is included in the pack as well.Everything here was all digitally ripped and all stems are lossless.

Site link:

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (VHQ Multitrack Stems 44k-16bit)

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