Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Erasure - A Little Respect (VHQ Multitrack Stems)(44-16-WAVS)

V.I.P Club Only !!

After a little Google-ing trying to find other Erasure goodies,it turns out that Erasure acapellas and instrumentals & multi`s are slightly rare..Anybody got any btw? Do send em in if you have..
It also seems Erasure are touring the US right now and they have a new album and single coming out very soon.Busy times then for Andy Bell & Vince Clarke..So a good time for a little Erasure exposure on the blog..Which also comes with a large respectful nod from us to Mr Vince Clarke, together with a kindly reminder (if he happens to read this) to get his finger out of his ass and release some earlier Depeche Mode multi`s and more Erasure multi`s.Or if anybody from Mute is reading you know what to do.. ;-)Leak is the word.

Stems included here are:

1,Bass - 8B - 85.49
2,Drums - 7A - 113.74
3,Guitar - 8B - 113.84
4,Keyboards - 8B - 113.31
5,Kick Drum - 8A - 113.86
6,Synths-Other Percussion - 8B - 113.87
7,Vocals - 8B - 116.96

And includes our mix down of the instrumental.

Please make this a separate pass request.

Site link:

Erasure - A Little Respect (VHQ Multitrack Stems)(44-16-WAVS)

[NOTE] This file is for the site`s V.I.P Members only.Donate 10 pounds cash sterling and join the Acapellas4All V.I.P Club,and this and everything else on the V.I.P Page will then be available to download as well. :-)

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