Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Queen - Greatest Acapellas

As requested in the chat box, some Queen acapellas 4 U.

queen - we are the champions (studio acapella)
Might come in handy with the World Cup coming up..

queen & david bowie - under pressure (acapella)
Would love to hear a dance mix of this..


There are a few more Queen acapellas around but all the main ones are in the zip pack below,along with some other Queen goodies.


1,Queen - We Will Rock You (Acapella)
2,queen another one bites the dust (mark knight unreleased mixx)
3,Queen vs. Michael Jackson vs. Belinda Carlisle - Jacko Breaks Free On Earth
4,Queen Vs Daft Punk - Another One Bites The Dust Vs Da Funk (The Dj Hero Mash-up)
5,queen vs daft punk - the dj hero mash-up
6,queen vs the miami project - another one bites the dust (soul avengerz remix)
7,queen - killer queen (studio acapella)
8,Freddie Mercury - Let's turn it on (Accappella)
9,Kesha vs Queen - Radio Tik Tok (Djs From Mars Bootleg Remix)
10,Queen & Outkast - Hey Ya Vs. We Will Rock You (Mash-Up)
11,queen - we are the champions (studio acapella)
12,queen vs. booty luv - mash up
13,queen vs sly fox- mash up
14,Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Acapella)
15,queen & david bowie - under pressure (acapella)

Queen - The Acapellas and other things

There you go..enjoy.And while I`m here,Request time.If anybody has any other Queen acapellas other than the ones listed,do send em in.Especially "Dont Stop Me Now","Radio Gaga","Its A Kind Of Magic","One Vision",& "I Want To Break Free" ect..Or,if by some miracle we have somebody in the Biz reading this with access to Queen accs,do the right thing and leak them plz. :-)

[note]:As you may have noticed there is no "Bohemian Rhapsody" acapella in the above pack.There`s loads of different ones on the net and I`m not going to trawl through them all to find the best when there is the real deal on the site in the Bo Rap remix stems pack,which you can get to here:

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody — Multitrack Stems

And lastly not forgetting:

freddie mercury ft.wyclef - another one bites the dust (acapella)

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