Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dance Music Instrumentals (Part 1)

It looks like the instrumentals are going down well with you guys so I think the best way to go about posting some of the best that I have is to do it basically the same as the Dance Music Acapellas..So next week may be a little heavy on the insts (if I get round to nailing a couple of mixdowns first),so time permitting we should get a little bit of content on the new Instrumentals page.
The following have been posted on their own,but they are also here now in pack:

Dance Music Instrumentals (Part 1)


1,akon - be with you (instrumental)
2,Birdman Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne - Money To Blow (Instrumental)
3,Booty Luv - Say It (Warren Clarke Instrumental Mix)
4,Brooke Hogan featuring tacks - Falling (Instrumental)
5,Calvin Harris - Flashback (Instrumental Mix)
6,Cheryl Cole - Parachute (The Euphonix Instrumental)
7,Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love (Instrumental)
8,Cheryl Cole - Parachute (Self-Taught Beats Instrumental)
9,chicane feat natasha bedingfield - bruised water (michael woods instrumental remix)
10,Ciara - Like A Surgeon (Instrumental)
11,Ciara - Work (Instrumental)
12,drake- over (produced by boi 1da) (instrumental)
13,Eminem - Lose Yourself (Instrumental)

Dance Music Instrumentals (Part 1)

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