Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madonna - Borderline (VHQ Original Studio Multitracks)

V.I.P Club Only !!

We`ve had a couple of great Madonna Multitracks sent in to us recently,complete with instructions to share with everybody,and since we always abide by our contributors wishes (whether it`s good or bad news),we can now present to all of you some classic and much sought after original 24 track Madonna multi`s..

Stems list:

01. Borderline Foot
02. Borderline Snare
03. Borderline Sock
04. Borderline Toms
05. Reggies Guitar
06. Borderline Arp Bass
07. Borderline Bass odub
08. Borderline Rhodes
09. Prophet Horns
10. Bridge Synth Harpsichord
11. Synth Figure Intro after 1st Chorus
12. Synth Wind
13. Lead Vox scratch
14. Lead Vox
15. Strings
16. Piano
17. Background Vox

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Madonna - Borderline (VHQ Original Studio Multitracks)

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