Friday, May 6, 2011

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (VHQ Studio Acapella)

V.I.P Club Only !!

Looks like the 5th single from Katy Perry`s Teenage Dream era will be "Last Friday Night".No release date as yet,but you can bet your bottom dollar that it wont be long
especially when loads of unofficial remixes start hitting the net once again,which some already have.Get ready for another rushed release again lol.

So,basically, we have the real studio acapella.There are a few D.I.Y acapellas floating round the net,and the odd rip from You Tube,so beware if you come across these,some may be labelled "Studio" already.Of which they are not..Just so as you know. ;-)

Download link:

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (VHQ Studio Acapella)

You will need to download the zipped acapella from the above link, and to unzip, have the V.I.P Club password associated with this file to extract it correctly.

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[NOTE] This file is for the site`s V.I.P Members only.Donate 10 pounds cash sterling and join the Acapellas4All V.I.P Club,and this and everything else on the V.I.P Page will then be available to download as well. :-)

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