Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Beatles - A Cellarful Of Moggs (2011)

V.I.P Club Only !!

How this Beatles rarities compilation got called "A Cellarful Of Moggs" is a bit of a mystery seeing as all the tracks here are in lossless Flac format.Probably somebody with an odd sense of humour,and/or knowledge of how search engines work..

Either way its a must for any Beatles collector..along with the Beatles Moggs we already have on site.


01-1965-11-10 The Word [Naked Mix]
02-1965-10-22 In My Life [Organ Mix]
03-1966-04-21 Taxman [Rhythm Guitar Mix]
04-1966-12-20 When I'm Sixty-Four [Take 2]
05-1967-02-02 Sgt Pepper [Take 9 RM1 Extended Mix]
06-1967-02-17 Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite [Take 7]
07-1967-03-01 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [Take 6 Stereo]
08-1967-03-17 She's Leaving Home [Take 9]
09-1967-03-29 With A Little Help From My Friends [Solo Vocal Mix]
10-1967-09-28 I Am The Walrus [George Martin Orchestra Mix]
11-1968-07-10 Revolution [Naked Mix]
12-1968-09-09 Helter Skelter [Solo Vocal Mix]
13-1969-01-30 I've Got A Feeling [Guitar Mix]
14-1969-04-30 Octopus's Garden [Guide Vocal Mix]
15-1969-07-08 Here Comes The Sun [Solo Vocal Mix]
16-1969-07-11 Maxwell's Silver Hammer [Moog Mix]
17-1969-07-21 Come Together [Naked Mix]
18-1969-08-01 Because [Take 16]
19-1969-08-11 Oh! Darling [Naked Mix]
20-1969-08-11 I Want You (She's So Heavy) [Guitar Mix]
21-1969-07-02 Her Majesty [Take 3]
22-BONUS - 1967-03-29 With A Little Help From My Friends [Naked Mix]
23-BONUS - 1969-07-11 Maxwell's Silver Hammer [Naked Mix]
24-BONUS - 1969-07-21 Come Together [Guitar Fill Mix]
25-BONUS - 1969-07-02 Her Majesty [Instrumental Mix]

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The Beatles - A Cellarful Of Moggs (2011)

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As mentioned here`s the link to The Beatles Moggs:

The Beatles – The MOGG Files

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