Thursday, August 4, 2011

Last Resort - Until The Sunrise (Remix Challenge)(Part 2)

Greets all.Just a quick update on the "Sunrise Remix Challenge" before I get on with the early part of this months posts, which is looking really cool.25 or so new posts to check out on the way..

But before I go into waffle mode once more about all the new goodies that are due to come online,I just wanted to bring "Sunrise" to the fore again.Basically there is now a little bit of label interest on this and the time is coming to get the mixes off, so could anyone that has had the pack and completed a remix,could you please start to finish up the mixdowns/mastering ect & get your mixes back into us at your earliest convenience.

No major rush,but within the month is good.Which,I suppose could also give some time to some of our noobies who might want to have a go at a remix..

Check out the original post below for more info:

Last Resort - Until The Sunrise (Remix Challenge)

And here`s a link to the original track to see if you like it or not so you can decide if you want to take up the A4A "Remix Challenge".

Soundcloud link: Resort

Please remember to follow the Last Resort Soundcloud.

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