Wednesday, August 11, 2010

174 New Hip Hop & R&B Instrumentals (2010)

Thought I`d put these on the site while I`ve a little spare time today.Unfortunately,there`s not enough of that spare time to list the names and artists of all 174 tracks here,and there is definately no inclination to clog the blog with a giant tracklist either.Everything in the pack is mostly from 2010..You`re just gonna have to trust me on this one..

174 New Hip Hop & R&B Instrumentals

If you want to check out the giant selection of Rap/R&B/Hip Hop acapellas we already have on the site,there is a dedicated page on the .com site that you can get to from the link below:

A.4.A Rap `n` R&B Acapellas page

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