Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Beatles Acapella Collection

One or two of you may think that this is an odd selection of acapellas to post,but one thing being in the biz for so long teaches you,is that you never know what people are willing to have a go at remixing or how far from left of centre they will go to produce something a little bit different to the norm.So under that premise here`s a Beatles acapella pack.As far as I know,there is every available acapella here.Some are HQ studio,some are D.I.Y,some are awful and some amazingly good.61 pellas here to go thru,and sorry for not naming whats here,theres just too many.Time is of the essence as they say.My theory is Marmite on this anyway.You`ll either like em or you wont!!I would love to hear a beatles electro tune tho.Any takers??

The Beatles Acapella Packs

And as a bit of a bonus,here`s the multitrack stems from one of The Beatles lesser know songs:

The Beatles - With A Little Help (From My Friends)(Stem Pack)

Happy days..

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