Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Axtone Acapellas Vol.1

The latest "cool" acapella pack has hit the net so I might as well post it.This was sent to us via the chatbox from Dj Tau,so thanks go out there..Keep sending the acapellas in just in case I miss them..


Feel The Vibe Acapella 128 BPM
Together Acapella 126 BPM
Together Chords 126 BPM
Watch The Sunrise Acapella 128 BPM
I Found U Acapella 130 BPM
I Found U Piano 130 BPM
Its True Acapella 128 BPM
Let It Go Acapella 127 BPM
Let It Go Hook 127 BPM
Open Your Heart Acapella Hook 126 BPM
Open Your Heart Acapella Verse Hook 126 BPM
Leave the world behind 126 BPM

Axtone Acapellas Vol.1
Stand by for a plethora (big word for a sunday morning lol), of unnofficial mixes of Axwell`s "I Found U" hitting the web very shortly.I might even do one myself.I may have to leave the blogging world behind for a day or two and get some work done..

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