Wednesday, December 30, 2009

420 HQ Kick Drums (50 meg wav)

I just uploaded these kick drums for a buddy.Thought a little post here wouldn`t hurt.Some excellent kicks in there..

420 HQ Kick Drums

UPDATE:I`ve just checked the stats on this and I`m pleasantly surprised how many hits this drum pack has had,to say it was a "just passing thru" type of post..Do you guys want more samples and stuff on here??
I also wanted to point out that the drum pack thats been posted above is from the Deadmau5 producer pack.Just so as you know.
You can get the rest of the Deadmau5 samples and download them by clicking on this link here


  1. yes, please!
    more HQ samples.
    If you upload them to rapidshare as well as hotfile, that would be fantastic :)
    Thank you!